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manipur act

Source : 14 Sep, 2018

Manner of Selection of Member of the Appellate Tribunal:.-
(1) As and when vacancies of a Member in the Appellate Tribunal exist or arise, or are likely to arise, the Government of Karnataka may make a reference to the Selection Committee in respect of the vacancies to be filled.

(2) The Chairperson of the Appellate Tribunal shall be appointed by the State Government in consultation with the Chief Justice of High Court of Karnataka under provisions of sub section(2) of Section 46.

(3) The Selection Committee shall normally hold its meetings at Bengaluru or at such places, as may be authorised by the Chairman by recording the reasons for the change of the venue of such meetings.

(4) The Notice or Agenda, as the case maybe, for the meeting of the Selection Committee shall be issued in advance. The date and venue for the meeting shall be fixed with the convenience of the Chairman of the Selection Committee.

Note: All Inforamtion provided by third party source.


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