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RERA Uttarakhand

Source : 10 Aug, 2018

The state government of Uttarakhand has taken a major decision to bring the real estate developers under the ambit of the RERA.

As per the sources, the government has mandated RERA registration of projects for registering the same with the registrar. The Uttarakhand RERA  has sent a letter to the IT registrar and district sub-registrar in which the authority has directed the officials to consider only RERA registered projects  for the registration. It has also asked the officials to inform the RERA about the projects not having RERA registration number. Subsequently, the RERA will take proper action against the developers.

The Uttarakhand Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UK RERA) has also mandated the real estate agents  to register themselves with the RERA to carry out any real estate business.

To rein the malpractice of brokering in the realty sector without registering with the RERA, the authority has issued a complaint help line number 0135-2719500 and an email uhudauk@gmail.com to take complaints against such real estate agents.

Note: All Inforamtion provided by third party source.


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