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The Basic Purpose of the LIC Housing Finance Home Loan

Source : 09 Aug, 2018

LIC Housing Finance Ltd provides home loans that are offered for three different categories of customers. The first category of home loans are provided for resident Indians, the second category is provided for NRIs and the third category is for pensioners, which includes those customers who have already retired and who are currently earning a pension.

LIC Housing Finance Home Loans can be utilized to buy a house or flat or for the purchase of the land upon which the house is to be built. The home loan may be used to purchase an already existing flat or apartment which could be new or previously owned/ occupied. The LIC Housing Finance Ltd home loan may be used to build a brand new apartment or flat or to build an extension for the existing house or flat. Customers may also use this home loan to renovate or refurbish an old house.

Steps to Apply for LIC Housing Finance Ltd Home Loan

Interested applicants may apply for the LIC Housing Finance Ltd home loan by visiting Paisabazaar page and clicking on Home Loan tab choosing between the available 3 choices:

  • Transfer your existing home loan
  • New Loan-Property Identified
  • New Loan-Property not Identified

And then proceed by providing options on the loan amount, city of the property, tenure, etc. Even the terms and conditions of the home loan application are written at the bottom of the page for your reference and then choose from the quotations received.

Note: All Inforamtion provided by third party source.


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