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EMI Calculator of lic madhya pradesh

Source : 09 Aug, 2018

The LIC home loan EMI calculator can be found at www.paisabazaar.com . On clicking that tab, a new page will open that will give visitors the option to calculate the potential EMI that they would have to pay. Here are a few instances of EMI calculation using the LIC Housing Finance LTD EMI Calculator.

  • Sandeep is a self-employed professional who wants to buy a flat in a posh area of Delhi. He has enough money to pay for 80% of the required amount for the flat but is short of 20 lakhs. He sends in a request for a home loan via the LIC Housing Finance website. Thereafter, a personnel from the LIC Housing Finance Ltd contacted Sandeep and after applying for the home loan and providing the required documents, it is deci
  • ded that he will pay an EMI of Rs. 17893 for 25 years at an interest rate of 09.80%.
  • Sonam requires a loan of Rs. 5 lakhs to refurbish and renovate her childhood home, an old flat that has become dilapidated and run down after years of neglect. Upon meeting with an agent of LIC Housing Finance Ltd, and giving the required document she receives her loan of Rs. 5 lakhs, with a repayment period of 10 years and an EMI of Rs. 6580 only.
  • Applicant

    Loan amount (Rs.)


    Interest Rate

    EMI (Rs.


    20 lakhs

    25 years




    5 lakhs

    10 years



Note: All Inforamtion provided by third party source.


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